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The images within this section are what dB(i) consider to be  Artistic or interesting.  And yes engine or generator images fall under this heading!   What is Art anyway… to each of us Art is many things.  Art in the case of our website content is limited to JPEG format.  Who says technology does not have its place in art!

If we, our friends or associates either informally stumble across or deliberately create an image of interest they send it to us. 

The images are available by sending us an email request identifying your choice to any one of us at dB(i).  There is no charge however should your charity of choice receive a donation that would certainly make us feel good.

Our charities of choice include Cancer Research and Shrine Hospital.

Integrity is high on dB(i)’s  list of objectives as is confidentiality.  Consequently contributor’s names are not published however   If an image as provided contains a name or signature then we will leave as is. If we get compliments on an image we will do our best to let the contributor know - nothing better than positive feedback, right?

Naturally we have to maintain appropriate standards on our web site. Provided the standards committee within dB(i) deem the image(s) suitable we will upload onto the website. It saddens us to request this, but for you to honor us and society with your contributions, please download (here) the License agreement from this page and send it along to us. Today’s world!...cannot do something nice without filling a form in!

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