Completed Projects


320kWe Quiet Machine

Using dB(i)'s unique composite enclosure system - EXOACM
  • Prime power application for a private island
  • 58 dB(A) @ 7 meters (23 feet) - very small footprint for this noise level
  • Double-deck approach with ventilation system passing 7386 CFM of air
  • Remote radiator, sized to suit project noise level
  • IP24 Rated
  • This system approach is a very competitive way to solve low dB(A) noise problems


2MW Quiet Machine

Using dB(i)'s unique composite enclosure system - EXOACM
  • 54 dB(A) @ 7 meters (23 feet)
  • 102,000 CFM Air
  • 0.5'' WC Pressure Drop
  • Inlet Velocity < 1000 FPM
  • IP24 Rated
  • Motorized Louvers
  • Integral Exhaust Silencer
  • Full Electrical Install including Vent Fans
  • 3700 Gallon UL142 Tank
  • Ships as Complete Package in One Piece
  • Noise Test Validated


500 kWe EXOACM Enclosure

This enclosure is housing a Generac SD500. Package sound attenuated to (<62 dB(A) at 23'), accommodating 34,752 CFM volumetric air flow, while being tight enough to fit in an extremely small footprint. Along with a 330 gallon sub base tank and a 700A circuit breaker, this enclosure size is limited to 218''L x 124''W x 160''H. This unit is sitting on a roof top of a hotel near the Brooklyn Bridge, as you can see in the background of the picture. 


1500kWe EXOACM Enclosure

A 1500kWe Cat 3512, 29’L x 10’W x 13’H, unit with and EXOACM enclosure (a dB(I) exclusive). Enclosure sits on an 2510 gallon sub-base tank. Control box wired with additional 2000A breaker. Cam-Lock type connection box installed on exterior of enclosure for load bank connection. Additional intake louver to reduce snow build-up. Now residing in Colorado.


400 kWe Natural Gas

A 400kWe, radiator mounted load bank, natural gas unit. Skin-tight, EXOACM enclosure (dB(I) exclusive) with custom sub-base to achieve minimal footprint (23-1/3’L x 8-2/3’W x 9’H). Sound attenuated to 80dB(A) at 23’. Unit resides in New York City, NY.


1750 kWe EXOACM

A 1750kWe, 34’L x 12’W x 14’H, unit with and EXOACM enclosure (a dB(I) exclusive). Enclosure sits on an 8900 gallon sub-base tank. Now residing in New Orleans, LA.


750 kWe Dark Brown EXOACM

750kWe, sound attenuated unit. 25.75’L x 8.5’W x 12’H achieves 70 dB(A) at 23’. Includes a custom 2800 gallon, UL-142 tank for a 2 day reserve. Custom color aluminum composite.


800 kWe, Tan EXOACM

800 kWe, Tier 2 enclosure. Sub-base tank and dB(I) exclusive ACM fixed blade discharge louvers. Located in Mississippi.


3mW Package

45 ' L x 10 ' W x 14 ' H. Spacious internally, yet compact externally for this noise level and air volume. Exceed 85 dB(A) at 3.3 ft noise objectives testing at 83 dB(A) @ 3.3 ft. Voice of customer “best enclosure we have seen”.


1750 kWe MTU Weather Reisistant Package

24' L x 11' W x 11.25' H. Weather resistant walk in containing the radiator mounted load bank mounted to the enclosure. This package resides as a WWTP in Harvey, Louisana.


1600 kWe Package

Robust, transportable containerized package forming part of the nation’s emergency response infrastructure. Contains a few normally unpracticed yet viable concepts to maintain height below transport limitations making it ready for anywhere by land or sea.


2mWe Caterpillar Sound Attenuated Package

40' L x 12' W x 14' H  SA including noise attenuating splitter banks both front and rear and a 5000 gallon UL142 sub base fuel tank, this total package is compact for it’s resultant noise level and air volume. Exceeds 45 dB(A)@ 20 ft noise objectives. Two units located at a hospital in the Caribbean.



1500 kWe Cummins Sound Attenuation Package

34'  L x 12' W x 15' H. Walk in enclosure 16 galvannealed steel 65 dB(A)@ 106' with a 10,500 gal UL142 sub base tank. This package resides at a data center, in western New York.


CAT D15 Factory Enclosure requiring 425 gal UL142 sub base tank

Addition of the UL142 sub base tank and wiring of the controls.


100 kWe MTU Sound Attenuated Enclosure

16.7' L x 5' W x 7.7' H.  Sound attenuated 83.6 dB(A) @ 7 meters. Comprehensive packaging outfit to meet NYC stringent fuel tank specifications. This package resides in the New York School System.


2mWe Kohler Sound Attenuated Package

34' L x 11' W x 12 ' H  The genset and powder coated steel sheet metal enclosure both sit upon a custom dB(i) designed and fabricated (in house) structural steel skid base. 18” tall wide flange I-Beam makes the foundation for this package that exceeds 83 dB(A)@ 23 ft noise objectives. A custom Copper bus filled “sidecar” bolts to the side of the machine for easy connection for a loadbank to the factory mounted interior breaker. Located at a VA hospital in Georgia.


400kWe MTU Sound Attenuated Package

20' L x 9' W. Utilizing sound attenuating foam carefully installed and both intake air and discharge air plenums to turn the air 90 degrees for added attenuation and weather control. The package includes a 400 gallon UL142 sub base fuel tank. Located at the world’s busiest passenger airport right here in Atlanta, Georgia.


1mWe Kohler Weather Resistive Package

21' L x 9 ' W. Made of lighter gauge steel, this budget minded enclosure sits atop a 1300 gallon UL142 sub base fuel tank. Located at a major retailer depot in Georgia.


1500kWe Cummins Weather Resistive Package

22' L x 8 'W x 13' H.  This total package includes a 500 gallon UL142 sub base fuel tank complete with dB(i) designed and manufactured fuel control system which includes supply pump and dual return pumps. Two units Located at a hospital in the Tampa, Florida.


Caterpillar 2mwe Closed Circuit Aftercooler Upfit

A high end Caribbean resort requires remote radiator cooling for an air cooled aftercooler engine. Now water cooled aftercooler-  no problem! Send us your challenges, we eat them for breakfast! And take pride in finished product presentation.


Seawater Cooling Conversion

Caterpillar C15 converted to seawater cooling using Titanium plate exchangers for placement on a high profile private island in the British Virgin Islands. 


750kWe Kohler Weather Resistive Package

18' L x 8' W. Made of lighter gauge steel, this budget minded enclosure sits atop a 1300 gallon UL142 sub base fuel tank. Six of these units are located at a major retailer depot’s all over the Southeastern United States.


600kWe Cummins Aluminum Weather Resistive Package

24' L x 8' W. Aluminum construction enclosure and a 2400 gallon UL142 sub base fuel tank. Located at a waste water treatment facility in the Tennessee.


1mWe Caterpillar Weather Resistive Package

19' L x 8 'W x 10' H. Custom designed powder coated steel sheet metal enclosure and a 1750 gallon UL142 sub base fuel tank. Located at a hospital in the Charlotte, North Carolina.


1mWe Kohler Aluminum Sound Attenuated Package

25' L x 10' W x 12' H. An all aluminum enclosure with mineral wool insulation and aluminum perforated sheet metal lined interior walls along with a 1400 gallon UL142 sub base fuel tank. Even the tank is painted to match the enclosure for this end user’s project. Exceeds 75dB(A)@ 27ft noise objectives. Located at a University in Charlotte, North Carolina.


250kWe Cummins Factory Package Upfit

An 1100 gallon UL142 sub base fuel tank and some extensive interior electrical work to the Cummins factory sound attenuated package adds value for the end user. Located at a waste water treatment facility in Tennessee.



A limited shot of a complex 5000A bus system built into the side of the package and maintaining a 10 ft width for a 3 mWe highly attenuated package providing the client with load bank and  rental generator connectability for a mission critical installation is professionally with dB(i) capability.

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