Technical Literature

dB(i) fervently believes that it is the responsibility of the engineering community as a whole to assist with the continual development of individual skills (from which all good ideas are born),  as well as that of our products that we (the engineering community) are involved with.

Specifically, within our power industry dB(i) are and will always remain advocates of the furtherance of quality in general and quality by design, one could say Design By Initiative (apologies...couldn’t resist).

Periodically we are asked to prepare some notes on a given topic - these can be found within the technical literature section along with what we consider to be helpful product documents for our clients.

We have also provided a product news section where we share what we believe to be of interest  and /or helpful product information.


Product News

dB(i) Capability List
Intro Letter
New Location
Product News July 2011

Product News April 2012
Product News July 2012
Custom generating sets for the worldwide oil and gas industry    
Report Info Sheet
Product News February 2015








dB(A) Noise Memo
dB(i) EDI Standard Package Lifting REL
Sound Level Comparsion Chart
dBi Engineering Design Instruction
High acoustic enclosure-Steel or Thick AL
IP Rating Guide
IP Code - Cheat Sheet
dBi information sheet ref UL2200 

White Paper - Droop versus Isoch and renewables
Float switch discussion document
White paper - EXOACM Noise and Strength
Aluminium and corrosion resistance
Galvanic Table
Effects of low load running









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